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Where Your Future Begins...

R. M. Marrs Magnet Center is a magnet school specializing in the areas of mathematics, economics and information technology. R. M. Marrs is one of only three middle schools in the Omaha Public Schools to offer the Dual Language Program. The main focus of R. M. Marrs Magnet Center is high student achievement. The unique schedule offers four 90 minute instructional blocks per day that gives students the opportunity to spend more intensive and quality time on their studies. The diverse, enthusiastic and talented Marrs staff is dedicated to implementing a creative curriculum focused on student achievement across grade levels.

Meal Support for our Community
OPS is expanding meal opportunities for students throughout our community.  Beginning May 18, packages of five breakfasts and five lunches will be available for students at 25 different locations.  Each site will distribute meals once a week, but different locations will be open Monday-Thursday.

Monday sites (open at 11 A.M.)

  • Benson High
  • Beveridge Middle
  • Bryan Middle
  • Gateway Elementary 
  • Gifford Park Elementary 
  • King Science and Technology
  • Nathan Hale Middle
  • Norris Middle
  • RM Marrs Middle
  • Skinner Magnet
  • South High
Tuesday sites (open at 10 A.M.)
  • Bancroft Elementary
  • Fontenelle Elementary
  • Mount View Elementary
  • Sherman Elementary
  • Sunny Slope Elementary
Wednesday sites (open at 10 A.M.)
  • Adams Elementary
  • Belvedere Elementary
  • Florence Elementary
  • Indian Hill Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
Thursday sites (open at 10 A.M.)
  • Boyd Elementary
  • Gomez Heritage Elementary
  • Minne Lusa Elementary
  • Walnut Hill Elementary

With a focus on health and safety, families will drive through to pick up food. One breakfast and one lunch package of meals will be available per student/child in the vehicle. If you are unable to bring children in the vehicle, please bring a student ID, report card or other verification for each student.

We hope to continue this service depending on the health conditions and guidance in our community. If additional dates will be available, we will communicate those weekly.

Food Bank for the Heartland hosts drive-through food distributions across the community. Several pantry partners also provide food for community members.



Dear Marrs Families,

Thank you for your support during such a uniquely challenging time. Your partnership in student learning is more important than ever.

This email is to communicate the process for the return of items for students who will not be returning to Omaha Public Schools in the fall.

Technology and Equipment Return

To limit traffic and prioritize health and safety, we ask only students who will not return to the Omaha Public School district in the fall to return items checked out from school. These items include:

  • School-issues iPad, charger, and cords.
  • Library and textbooks
  • Music Instrument

If your student has items from school (I-Pads, books, instruments, etc.) and they will return to the district this fall, we will coordinate the return of materials in the fall.

For the Health and Safety of All

  • The distribution and return will follow a drive-through format.
  • Families will utilize the main entrance area
  • Students and families will not come into the school.
  • Staff and volunteers will be wearing masks and will approach you. Please don’t get out of your vehicle.
  • If you or someone in your home is ill, do not visit school.

Our Schedule for dropping off items is:

  • May 20 from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM
  • May 21 from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

Please contact us by email with any questions you may have.


Angelique Gunderson, principal


Estimadas familias de Marrs,

Gracias por su apoyo durante este tiempo tan desafiante. Su participación en el aprendizaje de sus estudiantes es más importante que nunca.

Este correo electrónico es para comunicarles el proceso de devolución de los materiales para estudiantes que no regresarán a las Escuelas Públicas de Omaha en el otoño.

Retorno de tecnología y materiales.

Para limitar el tráfico y priorizar la salud y la seguridad, le pedimos que solo los estudiantes que no regresen a las Escuelas Públicas de Omaha en el otoño regresen los materiales propiedad de la escuela. 

Estos materiales incluyen:

  • iPad, cargador y cable.
  • Libros de la biblioteca y libros de texto propiedad de la escuela.
  • Instrumentos musicales.

Si su estudiante tiene materiales de la escuela (I-Pads, libros, instrumentos, etc.) y regresará a Marrs en el otoño, nosotros coordinaremos el regreso de estos materiales en el otoño.

Por la salud y seguridad de todos.

  • La distribución y regreso de los materiales seguirá el formato de entrega desde su vehículo, en la puerta principal de entrada a la escuela.
  • Los estudiantes y las familias no entrarán a la escuela.
  • Personal y voluntarios usarán tapabocas y se aproximarán a su vehículo. Por favor, No salga de su automóvil.
  • Si usted o alguien de su familia está enfermo, no visite la escuela.

  • Nuestro horario para la entrega de materiales es:
  • 20 de mayo de las 8:00 AM a las 3:00 PM
  • 21 de mayo de las 8:00 AM a las 3:00 PM

Por favor contáctenos a través del correo electrónico con cualquier pregunta que usted tenga.


Angelique Gunderson, Directora

Counseling Supports for Students and Families

There are social-emotional supports available for your student and family during this time. School counselors, psychologists and social workers continue to be accessible by email with questions or concerns. Omaha Public Schools also partners with the Boys Town National Hotline to offer 24/7 access to trained counselors by phone. That number is 531-299-SAFE (7233). Please reach out if you or a loved one is struggling.

We will keep in touch with updates as we receive them. We are committed to keeping you informed.

Please continue to look out for one another. We are here for you.

Important Update
The COVID-19 Pandemic is for real and we need to adjust our lives around it until we all feel safe to return to school. This will challenge us all as we try to do the best we can to continue to communicate and provide learning experiences for all of our students without meeting face to face. The teachers have already started to reach out to students with learning activities. Please remember that these tasks are not graded and are designed to keep students engaged in meaningful learning. Our staff will be working from home and have been informed to check their emails daily. Feel free to email each individual teacher with any questions regarding any of the tasks or assignments that are provided. Teacher emails are on this website. We all need to be united in our efforts and work as a team as this form of online teaching and learning is new to everyone!

Daily Routines are Important
We do not know how long this closure will go on so it will be important to begin to set up a daily routine for learning. This will help you relieve any stress you have about what is going on in regards to COVID-19 and provide a sense of purpose in each day. We are on a 4-block school day with 90-minute class periods. We realize there may be things going on at home that need to be taken care of and we do not expect students to be fully engaged for 8 hours of the day however, it is a good idea to create some kind of schedule to use to set up some daily routines for learning.

Food Bank for the Heartland Resources
We know food insecurity is a community-wide need during this unprecedented time. We are grateful for Food Bank for the Heartland’s partnership to support community members in need. We have attached a list of upcoming drive-up distributions.

Marrs Falcon Flyer - en Español

Marrs Falcon Flyer

OPS COVID-19 Updates

OPS Academic Resources

Please visit the OPS page regarding district closures.

April 10 No School (Professional Development Day)
May 22 Fourth Quarter Ends/Last Day of School

Marrs Magnet School Improvement Plan
School Intended Outcomes

NSCAS (State Test)
This assessment identifies students as proficient on grade level standards and ELA, math, and science.
NSCAS % "On Track" or "College and Career Ready"
2019-2020 Math Goal Achievement 44.9%
2019-2020 Reading Goal Achievement: 38.1%

MAP Growth
This is the district's ongoing assessment throughout the school year.  This is an online, computerized assessment given three times per year (fall, winter, and spring).  MAP Growth results help teachers identify skills student know and the skills the students need to learn.  You may hear your child refer to their RIT score.
MAP Projected Growth
2019-2020  Math Goal Achievement: 61.2%
2019-2020  Reading Goal Achievement: 52.2%
2019-2020  Science Goal Achievement: 48.6%
MAP Grade Level Norm:
2019-2020 Math Goal Achievement: 50.5%
2019-202 Reading Goal Achievement: 47.6%
2019-2020 Science Goal Achievement: 45.1%

School Mission:
All students will achieve to their highest potential.

Marrs SIP Plan 2019-2020 PDF


2020 Buffet Award Winner

Congratulations to Ms. Lee, one of the Alice Buffett Outstanding Teachers Award winners for 2020!


Our Falcons had the opportunity to soar thanks to the Omaha Performing Arts

Verizon Innovative Learning

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