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Middle School Football Program Goals


To provide a no cut program.

To provide challenging group skills development for all students.

To provide an adequate opportunity to practice skills taught.

To provide leaders who demonstrate good attitude and sportsmanship development.

All students will play.

The purpose of the football program is instruction in skills and sportsmanship and participation for all players.  These goals should be uppermost in the minds of all coaches.  The program will be no more successful than the coaches who directly work with the players.  This is the first exposure to organized athletics for many of our players.  The coaches should keep in mind that much of their job is providing a learning experience for the players and should use all opportunities for instruction.  

Game Rules

Game Rules

The regular high school rules will prevail with the following exceptions.

Each game will consist of four-ten minute quarters. 

Each team can play 6 games mandated by state law.  Halftime will be five minutes in length.

If game ends in a tie overtime will be played until a winner is determined (follow the high school rules).

Mouth guards must be in at all times.

35 point spread…running clock after a team goes ahead by 35 points.  Second half only.