Volleyball Coaches - 2018
Head Coach -
Dr. Schnabel
Assistant - Mrs. McGuire

Volleyball General Considerations

•Team practice may not exceed one and one-half hours per session.
•7th and 8th grade girls may participate on “A” or “B” teams.   “A” games are played first at duals.
•One official will be assigned for each dual match by the Physical Education and Athletics     Office.  Triangulars, where “A” and “B”
•If player plays in “A” match, they can’t play in “B” match. Teams play at the same time, will have two officials assigned.
•Triangular game explanation: Match 1 = Host vs. (furthest team traveled)   Match 2 = furthest traveled vs.  (least team traveled)    Match 3 = Host vs. (least team traveled) "A” and “B” teams will play simultaneously. Schedule workers to cover simultaneous matches. Stopwatches need to be used for time-outs.
Match Format 
•Dual Competition -  2/3 games – rally score, 25 points, 1st two games, cap at 30, 15 point deciding game, no cap, win by two, Let Serve, Two time outs per game
Triangular Competition - 2/3 games – rally score,  no cap, win by two20 points, 1st two games, cap at 25, Let serve, Two time outs per game, 15 point deciding game,                      
•B” teams will play out all matches.  They will not stop when “A” teams are done.
•Adults will be used as official scorer, timer and line judges (2 per game).
•Home teams will provide volleyballs for warm ups (10 per team).
•Dual match warm ups:  “A” Team: Two minutes, both ½ court, Four minutes, home team, full court, Four minutes, away team, full court, One minute, both teams serving
•Dual match warm ups:  “B” Team: Three minutes, home team, full court, Three minutes, away team, full court, One minute, both teams serving
•No additional matches allowed beyond district schedule.
•Triangular match warm ups
First two teams - Two minutes,  ½ court,  Four minutes,  full court (host), Four minutes,  full court (furthest team travel), One minute, both teams serving
Before 2nd match: Two minutes, 1/2 court both teams, Four minutes, full court, off team only, One minute, both teams serving
Before 3rd match: Two minutes, shared ball handling, One minute, serve shared    
•All coaches must keep their respective team members under their direct supervision at all times.
Adults Needed: Dual Match: 2 line judges, 1 score flipper or score board keeper, 1 (if assistant coach can’t keep book) book keeper, Triangular Matches: 4 line judges, 2 score flippers or score board keepers,2 book keepers (since both coaches maybe coaching at the same time)
City Tournament Scoring: 2 out of 3 to 25 (no cap), 3rd game to 15 (no cap)
•All matches will be included with exception of pool play matches from O.P.S. Invite.