What is my new email address?
Your email address remains the same - Joe.Smith@ops.org

When does FirstClass email stop?
On October 20th, the 'switch will be thrown' and on that day you will need to be using Outlook mail from the web. Up to that date, FirstClass mail will be how you send email outside OPS. Outlook can be used for email within OPS before that date.

Can I unsend an email like I could in FirstClass?
There is no way to unsend an email in Outlook.

Will Students still use FirstClass?
Not after October 19th

Is there a way to move our Contacts and Calendars?
Yes there is and we will be trained on it later

Office 365 Info and Training

The Omaha Public Schools are transitioning over to Ofiice365 over the next year. Kristy Lee and I have been chosen to be the Marrs trainers for this transition. We both attended training And we will be attending more training in November and December.

We know you will have many questions about how this well effect your folders, conferences, documents, etc. You will still be able to access FirstClass for those pieces throughout this school year. It is just FirstClass email that cease on October 20.  First Class conferences will be around through this school year.

If you have any problems or questions, please ask Kristy or myself and we will find the answer(s) for you.


Office365 Video