Contact Info

Mrs. Leann May-Burr
R.M. Marrs Magnet Center
5619 South 19th Street
Omaha, NE 68107

Phone: 402-557-4400


Mobymax Digital Classroom


7:20-7:47 Advisement
7:50-9:22 Block 1 Language Arts
9:25- 10:57 Block 2 Language Arts
11:00-11:30 LUNCH
11:30-1:07 Block 3 Language Arts
1:10-2:40 PLAN TIME

All About Me...

Top Ten Facts About ME...

10. I am married to Justin Burr. Notice his last name is not hyphenated. We wed in 1996.

9. Currently Justin and I have three dogs (Dante, Jackson, & Romeo).

8. We reside in Elkhorn, Nebraska. It takes me close to half an hour to get to school each morning.

7. I grew up on a ranch just outside of Bassett, Nebraska. There were about 1000 people living in Bassett at the time.

6. I attended Rock County High School in Bassett and there were 40 people in my grade level. The entire high school had about 120 students in grades 9-12.

5. For college, I attended Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. I received a BFA in Theatre Arts and a BA in Language Arts with a secondary teaching endorsement. I am certified to teach Theatre, Speech & Drama, and Language Arts in Nebraska grades 7-12. I received a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Instructional Technology from Peru State College. Recently I completed my ESL endorsement and a second Masters in Reading through Concordia University.

4. I love to sew and work as an alteration specialist in a local bridal store during my spare time.

3. I use to be 75% deaf, but underwent surgery on my left ear to correct it at the end of December 2007. Since the procedure worked wonderfully, I had the same procedure done to my right ear in July of 2008. I use to wear hearing aids in both ears, but now I only have a slight hearing problem in my left ear and perfect hearing in my right ear.

2. I am an AVID reader. I prefer fantasy and/or mystery novels, but will read almost anything. Also I love to spend time with my family, scrapbook, and dance.

1. I traveled to London and Paris during the summer of 2006 and thoroughly loved the experience.

**BONUS** I honestly love my job and consider myself lucky to be able to play everyday instead of having to work.