Mindfulness: the act of bringing a calm, thoughtful mind to the present situation.  

As much as we would all love to be happy and calm all of the time, we are not always able to. Sometimes, we feel sad, angry, overwhelmed, nervous, stressed, or anxious.  When we are feeling these challenging emotions, it is important to bring mindfulness to our heart, breath, and brain in order to go back to our task and be successful. 

Use this page to bring yourself to a calm, present mindfulness.  Everyone finds mindfulness differently.  

  • If you find yourself becoming calm while watching soothing videos, check out the Calming Visual Videos.  
  • If awing and laughing at adorable animals helps you, go to the Relaxing Animal Videos.  
  • If closing your eyes and listening to relaxing sounds and music, the Calming Music Videos are for you.  
  • If closing your eyes and meditating works for you, scroll to the Meditation Videos. 
  • If you need to be doing something with your hands, the Creative and Relaxing Websites will assist you in creating your calming mindfulness.  

Spend a few minutes watching your chosen video or using your chosen website and notice how your breathing deepens, your heart slows down, your brain focuses, and your mindfulness allows you to get back to work! 

If you find yourself struggling with your mindfulness after trying these videos and websites, please reach out to your school counselor to talk one on one. 

Need to Talk with a Counselor?

If you would like to meet with a counselor, email the counselor or click on the link.

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Mrs. Ingram (6th Grade) 



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Ms. KB (Mrs. Fields) (8th Grade)