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Teacher Bios

Ms. Turner -  This is my 20th year of teaching, each of which have been at Marrs. I taught 3rd grade for four years and then I made the transition to 5th grade. Ten years ago I teamed up with Mrs. Murray and we co-teach Reading/Language Arts. I have 2 daughters and a dog. In what little spare time I have, I enjoy working out, reading, talking on the phone, and spending time with my family and friends.  


Mrs. Murray -  Being a Falcon is in my blood. From Pre-k to my senior year, my school mascot was a Falcon, and now I am a Marrs Falcon. This is my 17th year teaching at Marrs. I have a husband, two daughters, and two dogs. In my spare time, I like to water ski, camp, teach aerobics at the YMCA, and read any books I can get my hands on! 

5th Grade Tickets System

5th Grade Behavior System


Students will earn tickets throughout the week for positive behavior.  The tickets will then be collected and put into an end-of-the-quarter raffle for various prizes.  At the end of the week, students with tickets remaining will turn in their tickets for a weekly prize drawing.
  We are looking forward to an exciting, productive year.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time!



Mrs. Murray and Ms. Turner



     1st Quarter

Reading and Writing

     Mrs. Murray will be working primarily with Being A Writer. Students will learn how to love writing through collaboration between students and teachers while learning the writing processes of different genres. This quarter the writing focus in on Fiction writing. Ms. Turner will be piloting a new reading series called Pearson myView.     

     Students will have Reading homework every night. Homework strips will be taped into the agenda at the beginning of the week so that all students and parents know the Reading homework for the entire week. Students will be given a little bit of time during class to begin their homework, however, what isn't completed during school is the responsibility of the student to finish. Reading for 20 minutes must always be done outside of the school day.

     The 2-week homework cycle starts with a Flocabulary packet. Each night of the first week of the cycle students will complete certain sections of the packet. In addition to the Flocabulary packet students will complete 1 choice board activity daily. The choice board contains 9 activities that the students will complete over the 2-week period. Students are also expected to read for at least 20 minutes a night. During the second week of the homework cycle, students will be  given a reading packet with a variety of comprehension questions. Students are expected to complete the assigned activities each night. At the end of two weeks, they will be tested on their Flocabulary words. 



Bi-weekly: Students will receive a Flocabulary packet or ReadWorks reading packet, a choice board, and a reading log.

First Week:
Monday - Flocab D/E, Choice Board activity 1, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
TuesdayFlocab F/G, Choice Board activity 2, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
Flocab H (read, answer, underline, number), Choice Board activity 3, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
Choice Board activity 4, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
Friday - Choice Board activity 5, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature

Second Week:
Monday - ReadWorks 1-5 (read, answer, underline, number), Choice Board activity 6, book log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
Tuesday - ReadWorks 6-10 (read, answer, underline, number), Choice Board activity 7, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
Wednesday - Choice Board activity 8, Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature
Thursday - Choice Board activity 9, Book Log reading 20 minutes, Choice Board due tomorrow, Flocabulary test tomorrow, parent signature
Friday - Book Log reading 20 minutes, parent signature

Reading Websites



Roots Review #1(astra, not, hydra, scrib, therm)

Roots Review #2 (bio, geo, aud, meter)

Roots Review #3 (ped, jur, log, dict)

Keyboarding Practice

Exploratory Websites

Squirrel Cage Jail

Black Angel 

Author Websites

Chris VanAllsburg

Jennifer Roy

Kate DiCamillo 


Wiki Journal



Rhyme Zone

Review Game Zone--Reference Sources
Reference Source Jeopardy
Genres Video
Brain Pop Jr-Main Idea
The First Thanksgiving 
Room Recess Reading Games
Halloween Safety Tips

Jon Scieszka

Author Interview

Kate DiCamillo
Watch the author of Tiger Rising

Author Wequest
Chris VanAllsburg Website
Dictionary for Kids

Yellow Star Websites
Survivor Research
Survivor Research #2

Main Idea and Details
Review Game Zone--Main Idea
Inferencing Games
101 Riddles

Context Clues
Review Game Zone-Context Clues
Context Clues Jeopardy Game
Context Clues Jeopardy Game #2

Figurative Language
Penalty Kick (Soccer)

Text Features Game
Text Features Jeopardy
Text Features

Compare and Contrast
Bee vs Wasp

Onomatopoeia Word Generator
Onomatopoeia Examples

Parts of Speech

Synonyms and Antonyms



 Fact or opinion games

Cause and Effect Games

Cause and Effect Matching 1
Cause and Effect Matching 2
Cause and Effect Jeopardy 

Cause and Effect Jeopardy Game #2

Who wants to be a Millionaire
irregular verbs

Text Structure Games

Partner Jeopardy Game for Text Structure
Partner Hoop Shoot
Reading Game Zone Text Structure
State Location Games
State Abbreviation Practice - Type

Map Snap - Practice
State the State
State Abbreviation Practice - Click

Digital Citizenship Game