Class Room Policies and Procedures

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Class Rule - Just Act Right!

Be Kind

Be Engaged

Work Hard

Our Class Mission

We come to school to learn, have fun, and prepare for our lives.  We will do this by doing our work, following instructions and respecting ourselves, our classmates, our teachers and our school.


Student’s Responsibilities:

The student is responsibly for the following:

  • Attending school regularly
  • Participating in class activities from discussions, assignments, etc.
  • Completing homework when it is assigned
  • Taking Agenda home daily and having parent/guardian sign it everyday
  • Taking work home that has been graded to show progress
  • Practice math facts at home with family and friends
  • Prepared for class by having a pencil and class materials
  • Try their best always
  • Ask Questions
  • Follow all rules and instructions
  • Work with others
  • Keep track of their tickets

Assessments (Tests):

Assessments may be given on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Assessments are given either in paper form or computer form.  All work must be shown in order to earn full credit.


Students may have homework daily.  Math homework will be often in math homework folder.  Please check agendas daily and sign off once work has been completed.  All work must be shown.  Parents my assist students and have math discussions, which will deepen their mathematical thinking.  Homework will take 30 minutes or less to complete.

Incomplete Work:

Students must turn in all work - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Incomplete work will result in loss in tickets, phone calls to family or/and detentions.

Pleaase call me whenever you have a questions or concern at 531-299-2420.  Email is also available at

Thank you,

Ms. Lee