Mr. Jones
6th Grade Reading/Language Arts - Dual Language

R.M. Marrs Middle School
5619 South 19th Street
Omaha, NE 68107




 Welcome to the Reading and Language Arts, Dual page for Mr. Jones 

Our Schedule:

Monday:  New poem for our poetry folders.  Lesson vocabulary introduction.  Mini Lesson.

Tuesday:  Intro of main story.  Literature centers: Guided reading, Achieve3000, Writing practice.

Wednesday:  Review of main story with focus skill from mini lesson.  Literature centers: Guided reading, Achieve3000, Writing practice.

Thursday:  Main story literature response.  Literature centers: Guided reading, Book groups, Achieve3000, Writing practice.

Friday:  Skill builder, mini lesson.  Poetry quiz and presentations. 


6th Grade Reading/Language Arts Homework

Daily Language Review (DLR) - Each day assigned will be graded during class the day it is due.
Spelling Book - Students are assigned 20 words, every two weeks.  Homework is assigned every other day, and spelling tests are given every other week.


First semester book projects will be assigned on October 7th and will be due December 9th.  Each student will be responsible for reading a book of their choosing, and then completing a project chosen from four options.  They will sign up for presentation times, and will be graded on: presentations (SPEAKING), book journals (READING), and presentations (MULTIPLE LITERACIES).  Grades will be considered summative.  Formative grades will be earned throughout the semester in each area.