Mr. Moormeier
8th Grade Science

R.M. Marrs Middle School
5619 South 19th Street
Omaha, NE 68107


All About Mr. Moormeier

Hello, my name is Mr. Moormeier. I am an 8th grade science teacher. I am originally from Roca, NE. I earned a degree in Biological Sciences and a science teaching endorsement from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



Throughout the school year the students will learn and explore chemistry, energy, physics, and sound and light. During these units the students learn through experiments, demonstrations, hands-on activities, group work and projects. By the end of the year the students will have gained a strong scientific base on which to build and grow in future science classes and real-life experiences.



Advisement 7:40-7:47
Block 1 7:50- 9:22
Block 2 9:25- 11:00
Block 3 11:35-1:05
Block 4 (Plan) 1:08-2:40