Mrs. Dieke

Mrs. Deike
Art Educator

R.M. Marrs Middle School
5619 South 19th Street
Omaha, NE 68107


Mrs. Deike



“Creativity takes courage.”

Henri Matisse

Subject Area: 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Art

Degrees Held & Institution Received From: Bachelor of Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in K-12 Art Education.

HomeTown: I grew up on a farm in Fairbury, Nebraska.  I was the oldest of 3 kids.  I moved to Omaha to attend college at UNO where I competed in track and field at the college level.

Family: Husband, Paul; Daughter, Logan Ann; Son, Wyatt

Hobbies/Interest Areas: I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, attending sporting events, drawing, and reading.


Art Class:

Each grade level in OPS has a different theme and artist that they are required to learn.  Here at Marrs I teach 6th grade art, 7th Advanced Art and 8th grade art.  I have 45 minute art blocks with 6th and 8th grade that run on A and B days, and my 7th grade Advanced Art is a 90 minute class that also runs on A and B days. 

The 8th graders are learning about American Culture Diversity.  The 8thgraders look at artist like Keith Haring, Frank Lloyd Wright,  and Dale Chihuly.

The 7th graders take a more personal level and learn about Personal Identity in art.  We study artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo.  The 7th graders will complete a self portrait at the end of the quarter.

The 6th graders travel around the world with art.  We start out with prehistoric and move up to Greek.  The 6th grade class studies each culture and completes a KWL according to what they already know, questions they may have, and what they have learned. 


Grading: I grade on rubrics based off of the Districts content standards for art.  They include Formative (35%) and Summative (65%) grades based off of the District standards.


Mural 2011
This year marked the end of a 6 year long mural we have been painting on the South side of our school. 21 students, grades 5-8 helped to paint the final "Grow With Education" mural. The news even came out and did a piece on our finished mural.
You can check out the video clip on Action 3 News at the following link.


Service Learning Project October 2008


Marrs Magnet Center and The University of Nebraska at Omaha Partner on Community Mural Project

Students have taken what they’ve learned in school outside the classroom and into a South Omaha neighborhood.  This week 9 students from Marrs Magnet Center created a mural for the Social Settlement Organization at 48th and Q Street. 

Students will be working collaboratively on the project through The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s (UNO) Service Learning Academy.  Marrs students were the inspiration of the mural itself. “I hope the mural helps encourage seniors and kids to participate in these programs,” said Jadzia Flowers, a seventh grader at Marrs.

Students spent time outlining and painting the mural to prepare it for UNO students to finish this weekend.  More than 300 students from UNO and students from North High School will renovate the Social Settlement building this Saturday as well as Monday and Tuesday October 20th and 21st.  This project is only one of Three Days of Service projects going on within the Omaha Community.  

This comes just in time for Centennial Week, October 18th – 21st, which celebrates 100 years of the University’s and the Social Settlements existence. The Social Settlement is a non-profit organization that sponsors programs such as Kids Can and Seniors on the Go.  These programs provide services such as pre-school, youth tutoring, transportation services and tax assistance. Marrs 8th grader Savannah Behrends is glad to be a part of this “because it is a really good thing the social settlement is doing to help people just because they want to”.  Another Marrs 8th grader Sage Green thinks “there really needs to be more positive stuff like this in Omaha.”

Teacher, Amy Burk thinks projects like this are becoming more prevalent in today’s classrooms.  “The students learn more by doing something hands on and providing a service for someone else.”  “I am very proud of my students.  They are doing an amazing thing for our community.  This mural is something that they can look back on and remember for years to come,” said Art teacher, Ryan Dieke.

“I’ve learned that something as simple as a mural can make people feel better about their community,” said Blue Peterson, an 8th grader at Marrs.


Mural Project June 2008

Well after a long three weeks of summer school, we have finally finished the 3rd summer mural at our school.  It was student designed, even down to the museum background and "O!" design.  The "O!" was designed by a seventh grader here at Marrs and the background idea was given to us by an 8th grader.  Students took the last week during exploratory class to draw the mural up so that the summer project went much smoother when it came to painting it.  We had a lot of help on the project, and we even had a former student come back to help.

We look forward to next year and another mural design.