Mrs. Honkomp, M.S.Ed, CCC-SLP
Speech Therapist

R.M. Marrs Middle School
5619 South 19th Street
Omaha, NE 68107



I am Angie Honkomp, the Speech-Language  Pathologist serving the students and staff here at R.M. Marrs Magnet Center.  I have been with OPS for 12 years; of which 6 years have been here at Marrs.  Working at R.M. Marrs Magnet Center has been rewarding, exciting, and prosperous.  I enjoy meeting new students and parents each year.  

What is Speech Language Therapy?

Speech-Language Therapy in the school consists of diagnosing and treating any student with a speech-language impairment.  Disability areas include language (difficulty understanding and expressing language), articulation (learning and producing sounds in words), fluency (stuttering treatment), and voice (abnormal voice quality or hygiene).  I assist the staff, students, and parents in providing interventions to help a child overcome one or more of these disabilities through the referral process or direct therapy.  I also assist the students and staff with support for other disabilities, such as autism and traumatic brain injury.  I love my job and the rewards are numerous.